Save our planet Earth

Save our planet Earth

All great apes are fructivorous and feed on fruits, vegetables, nuts and beans. About a million year ago chimpanzees reached the warmer regions of Europe and Asia. From Africa via the Middle East, homo sapiens reached Western Europe 45,000 years ago. Homo sapiens has started walking upright. In that period, lions were even greater in numbers than the great apes. Neanderthals were the first to master the art of fire in Europe and have also started to consume meat and animal proteins. With wooden spears and stone axes they controlled lions, bears and other predators. Modern man has become omnivorous after this. Chimpanzees and also elephants don't get cancer.

(Photo Orang Utang, Borneo)

Great apes walk and stand on two legs. Only great apes can touch their reproductive organs with the hand. This evolution is both anatomically and functionally significant. Chimpanzees and bonobos, in particular, became very interested in their genitalia that had come within reach. Homo sapiens, the modern human, is at the end of the line of evolution. Only modern humans have been able to control reproduction and free themselves from the instinctual process of reproduction in the mid-twentieth century due to increased brain volume.

Man is the only living being that has been in control of his own reproduction and the reproduction of all animals and plants on earth for half a century. We are indebted to our natural environment that has shaped modern humans into what they are today. Man is the only mammal that has access to its genitals and, since the mid-twentieth century, has the knowledge to control the reproduction of all life on Earth. The moral of this is, "If man continues to breed and consume animals and plants without restraint, then man as a species will disappear on earth".
Our distant ancestors are the great apes. We cannot deny this origin. If humanity returns from omnivore to fructivore with food consisting of vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and the occasional glass of wine, pandemic zoonoses, cancer and catastrophic global warming will be spared.
I hereby make a moral appeal to stop the trade and transport, outside the own region, of monkey meat, pork, beef and live animals. Fortunately, the hamburger ex-president Big Mac Donald Trump has been in lock down for some time.

Save our planet Earth
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